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Parent Coaching

  • Do you question your parenting decisions or feel unsure of yourself?
  • Are you overwhelmed as a parent?
  • Do you have a challenging child and need help?
  • Do you want to improve your relationship with your child?

I work with parents, individually and jointly, who need support or coaching.  As parents, we are expected to do and be more compared to parents of any other generation.  My love of working with parents grew from my work with children and teens, as well as my own experience as a parent.  I have seen how much stress can be placed on the whole family when one child’s behavior becomes challenging or when parents and children are not connecting in meaningful ways.  I have worked with families who lived with this stress for far too long before seeking help and as a result relationships within the family suffered.

In my experience, implementing simple and effective strategies can quickly strengthen relationships in the home and help improve communication.  I love working with parents to help them implement changes and to feel more connected and in tune with their children. Our work will offer support, provide effective parenting strategies and focus on improving family home life.