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Individual Therapy for Children

Your child or teen is struggling with the stress of this COVID year and keeping friendships has been difficult.

If they seem angry, depressed, or anxious sometimes as a parent it is hard to know how to help?

Often in parenting, you can feel very disconnected from your children when they are struggling. Therapy can provide fast interventions that can help you feel supported.

We work with children and teens to help develop life and social skills, that can be used as your child enters more social situations in the upcoming year. During therapy, your child will learn to better recognize their feelings and develop coping strategies that will help improve their relationships. Our goal is to help your child gain a better understanding of their internal world and feel more comfortable being connected with others. We have been successful in helping children and teens make more meaningful connections with friends and family.

As well as working individually with your child and teen, we partner with parents to track improvement and jointly develop strategies that build on individual sessions. We begin the process by meeting first with parents and then begin an intake period that takes between 1-3 sessions with your children.  Afterward, we follow up with a parent meeting to make a joint plan to help the family move forward. EXPAND with more about the work? Generally, this could include some traditional therapy and also include creative interventions such as art, movement to help relieve stress.

As therapists, we constantly track progress and monitor change. For that reason, we check in frequently with parents, answer questions, and try to collaborate with schools or other providers.