Now Enrolling for Fall Groups

Group Therapy

Now Enrolling for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Groups.


We have a real passion for group work in our practice. Groups allow children/teens to feel a sense of acceptance and relief. Often when children/teens or struggling there is a feeling that they are alone. In a group, they can feel that they belong and that others are struggling with the same challenges. They have an opportunity to connect in a natural way with one another while developing strategies to help them moving forward. Now enrolling for:

High School Group:

Our group will be working on building self-regulation and emotional awareness for these teens. We will be working to help clients develop more space between themselves and their feelings so they feel more in control of their future.

Our counselors help teens traverse academic, friendship and social media/technology demands. Group will teach skills needed to manage anxiety around their increasingly demanding world and focus on skills needed to prepare them to “launch” into the real world. Group will incorporate a goal setting component and help members take control of their future. We also will provide a social environment to talk collectively about the transition to high school amid all the changes over the last few years.

Early Elementary School Group (Kindergarden-2nd) and Later Elementary School Group (3rd-5th grade):

This group introduces common language and understanding around different feelings and helps children learn skills to manage big feelings so they are more in charge of themselves. Some areas we focus on include:

  • Helping kids manage socialization and peer relationships.
  • Helping them understand their own big feelings.
  • Helping them manage their emotions (Emotional Regulation).
  • Discussing and practicing Zones of Regulation
  • Group will help them acquire skills to adapt to their friendships.
  • Help them learn to evolve to their ever-changing world.
  • Gain self-esteem and self awareness and improve friendship skills

Parents of Anxious Children Group:

This group is set up to help parents who have anxious children. The counselors work to help parents learn strategies to minimize the anxiety and avoid feeding the cycle of anxiety through accommodation and coping techniques.  This group will provide education about the different ways that anxiety can manifest itself in children and also discuss the anxiety cycle and how to break it. Lastly the counselors will help to provide you with specific strategies to help your children.  Parents will also be able to share their own challenges with their children in a communal space with other parents who are experiencing similar parenting stressors.

High School Social Group:

This group is designed to give high school students an opportunity to build social skills.  Group will focus on explicitly teaching appropriate social skills and providing a natural way to practice through conversation with group members.  Group will also focus on self-regulation skills and also provide participants an opportunity to explore some of the barriers that hold them back socially.  Sessions will provide opportunities to explore social anxiety and how that might be contributing to challenges socially.  This group is ideal for teens with ADHD, anxiety, and those struggling to make and keep social relationships.